Sep. 26th, 2020


I'm currently working on the journal so things may change here and there. Adding new faces, removing some, and adding fandoms that I like. Also thinking about adding a section just for characters that I have played or like to play in case people might be interested in one of those. Thinking of a little section with plot ideas as well that anyone can hit me up for if they see something that might be interesting with any of the faces that I have listed in the journal.

Feel free to comment me on this post as comments will be screened for the most part unless I'm on my phone. In which case they'll be screened when I get home from work or wherever I am when I respond to you. If you prefer you can find me on aim at bondeffect78 but please tell me where you found me so I'll know you're not a bot. I'm really trying to get into the habit of using my status messages better if I'm away and can't respond right away.

Sep. 26th, 2019

Faces I will Play

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